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Feb. 1st,
You said you wanted someone prettier so i got highlights in my hair and i started wearing contacts as you said my blue eyes were dull.

Feb. 3rd,
You said you didn’t like my new hair “Pretty girls have nice long dark hair”

Feb. 10th,
I dyed my hair darker just to please you “Its ok, i guess.”

Feb. 12th,
I saw you walking with a girl that day after school. She had blond hair and blue eyes; everything you said you hated.

Feb. 16th,
“We need to take a break from each other” you said as i heard her giggling in the background

Feb. 23rd,
“Im sorry, i need you back” He said. Its only been a week.

Feb. 24th,
I thought about what to reply for 3 hours. But before i could respond, you did “Sorry wrong person”

Feb. 25th,
sorry wrong person sorry wrong person sorry wrong person. Its been going through my head all day.

Feb. 28th,
Im just realizing this now but I’m glad you said that. If you didn’t say that, i would’ve went back to you. I would’ve went through hell for another few months. I may not be over you yet but i know now that its good that i got out of that one.

February is my least favourite month  (via placiddream)
Be careful who you vent to. Realest shit I’ve heard all morning. (via corivicious)

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I just want one day without y’all being extra

"I don’t love him but he’s here and you aren’t"
Its 2.55am and I don’t miss you anymore achievement (via overratedsuicide)

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If you’re going to stay, stay forever. If you’re going to leave, do it today. If I stay (via soulsscrawl)

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one time i took a picture of a tiger at the zoo and the tiger smiled for the picture it was very great and the best picture i’ve ever taken


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